Craft Your Dream

A six month entrepreneurial journey for spiritual and empathic entrepreneurs that want to take their gifts online.

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You want to take your big idea online but you feel like technology isn't your thing.

You see other people doing big stuff on Facebook but your not sure how to make new - connections.

You are like so freaking ready to make money with your passion and your message but your not sure where to start or how to create content.

Your not even sure what kind of content you want to create? But your ready!!!

You wonder about who would actually buy your program or product.

Well, I have something amazing for you

In this 6 months program I am going to show you exactly how to start making money on Facebook and how to put a few easy systems in place so that you are ready to take clients.

This is how it's going down!

6 Months - You & Me

6 months of mentorship on crafting your dream life and business

Weekly live interactive videos where you can ask your questions and have them answered.

Weekly emails to keep you on track.

And all of this

Craft your Message

In the first month, we are going to craft your message.

You will get super clear about your purpose and your message so that when you bring it to the world it feels authentic and inspirational instead of needy and awkward.

Artistic Creation 

This is all about easy branding. Choosing your colours, Fonts, feel, and presence is very easily channeled when you allow intuitive guidance.

Make easy and free graphics to use in social media, business cards, workbooks, power point presentations, Ebook covers, and so much more!

This training alone is worth the entire cost of the course.

Social Media

Let's set it all up and create a consistent posting and interaction plan that you can can fall in love with.

How to choose and set up your perfect platform

How to show up real and raw and uncensored .

Special Guest: We will have a social media guest speaker who can help guide you to your perfect platform.

Get the Confidence!

When you start putting yourself out there as a new age entrepreneur, you wanna be ready and armed to work through self doubt, self sabotage and bull shit subconscious resistance.

Here you will master this so you are ready to handle big breakthroughs and the crazy side of the uplevel.

Mindset & Magic 

Moneyblocks - getting to know yours so you recognize them when they show up.

Dreaming bigger- yes! Your vision is always growing!

Being daring

Challenging yourself

Transforming who you thought you could be into who you know you are.

This is it!

You've set yourself up, you've created a program or product and your ready to start putting yourself out there.

Now is the time where you release all that you have built over the last 6 months out into the world.

You are ready to be received by those that are looking for you..

Set your purpose free!

Shake your money maker!

The content and interactions were so thought-provoking and interesting. This was my first shot at trying to put words to any of this, my dream...I have a feeling I'm not the only one tonight thinking "More! I need more!" 

Paula Thomassen 

This is a crazy powerful thing that can change your entire being and affect the people around you. It's opened a crazy wonderful life. I'm excited for the rest of the journey.

Leesza Anaka-Pierson

* Testimonials were taken from what people said about other courses hosted by Jennifer MacFarlane -The money Medium


3x 90 minute 1:1 calls with me - The Money Medium.
Value $1500

Private Facebook Group
 where you can submit everything before putting it out into the world to get feedback!
Value absolutely priceless!
Also this is our home base where we interact and do

Free six month admission to the THE DIVINE LIFE PLAN
A 9 year group mastermind where we will interact daily
Value - $594
starts in March

Early Bird Pricing until 12th Feb

After 12th February Price goes up to $2675

After 12th February Price goes up to $470 / month

30 day money back guarants no questions - if your not enjoying the course, we will give you a full refund. 
Although I highly doubt you will want to!

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