3 Daily Habits That Accelerate A Woman’s Ability To Attract Abundance

As a woman in today’s world I don’t need to tell you how crazy life can be. Most of the women I work with are running on empty. Raising a family, being a perfect Mother (Men just don’t seem to hold the same amount of guilt when they don’t raise money for the school fundraiser) But for the mother it becomes a torturous internal battle with her own thoughts.


A huge part of a women’s energetic make up comes from her emotions and her creativity. At the same time that is exactly what gets in the way of her ability to manifest and attract abundance on a daily basis. Trust me, emotions work both ways. They attract and repel with the same power.

Remember when you were a young girl. The things you dreamed about. The depth of feeling you felt when you had your first crush.

It’s no secret that women encompass special powers. In most cases however, they have been tamed down, shut down or completely turned off.

But what would happen if you started to embrace your non-physical ability to wake up, honour and accelerate your greatest gifts? The parts of you that actually have the power to change your life and the world at large. These gifts are your subconscious mind and your innate magic.

Your subconscious mind is always at work with the law of attraction. Always creating your world at a level below your conscious awareness.

On a huge scale women have been taught and programmed to believe that they don’t deserve and are not good enough. Some places that this shows up are in sports, workplaces/pay, sex and orgasms, self care, voting and politics and that’s just scratching the surface.

Did you know that a woman named Roberta Gibb changed the world in 1966 by running the Boston Marathon – even though she received a refusal letter stating that women were not allowed and not physiologically able to attempt such feats. She did it anyway! The athletic world for women and men was instantly changed forever.

Women still settle for getting paid lower wages, they work overtime, they give, they have been taught that a man’s sexual needs are more important than her own and when a woman expresses her sexual desires she is often ridiculed and called degrading names.

Without getting into the length of suppression women have been held in, I would like to switch the awareness within you – the reader.

Why do you think the powers at hand have tried so hard to keep women’s voices and actions on the down low?


Women are the creators, the magicians, the source of connection and compassion. They have powerful emotions that move mountains and create hurricanes. Contrary to popular belief – a woman has the ability to shift the entire universe.

If you can reprogram some of the hard wiring that has been “running the show” for a very long time, you will be able to attract abundance to your life with ease and grace.

Here are 3 of the ways that you can accelerate the way you attract abundance. When done daily you will create new habits and new habits create new outcomes.


Listen to your internal dialog. Take note of any mental bullying and thoughts that don’t match the frequency of your dreams and start choosing new thought patterns that nurture your desired life. Use these new thought patterns everyday.


Let your SELF dream bigger and write out – in detail- the things and experiences you wish to have.  Seriously let your self be free in this expression and see how BIG you can dream! Anything you can imagine. You can have.


Slow down and visualize your life as if it already is the way you want it to be. In other words, use your imagination and visual capacity to evoke a feeling of how it feels in your body to live those dreams and desires. When you strengthen this vision muscle – You unleash the magic within.

Above all remember that the only limitations are the ones that are programmed into your mind, body, DNA, energy and emotions. You were born unlimited and highly powerful.

Unlearn what you know as truths and beliefs and you will set yourself free. Busting through all blocks. Living any dream imaginable.

Rewrite your patterns – Change your life.

Starting NOW.

Why not start with your money beliefs and blocks? I’ve created a tried and tested system – The Money Block Breakthrough Method – where I teach you how to break through glass ceilings and create abundance. And the best thing? It’s not only for money blocks. Once you know the system you can transform literally anything. Get started here.

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