Hello Love,

You are feeling upset with the way things are unfolding. Frustrated, tired and ready to for a full on freak out!

You have put a lot of time into learning about the law of attraction, positive thinking and manifestation. You’ve done the rituals, the dream boards and for some reason… you just haven’t gotten anywhere! Urgh! Why isn’t your business growing? More importantly, why isn’t your life better? You’re doing everything. urgh

You still believe in all this woo woo stuff, but you just don’t understand why it isn’t working for you.

I remember when I first started my “manifestation / law of attraction journey” Hahaha! Honestly I expected to receive $60,000.00 pretty instantly! And I did all the tricks, I wrote the goal down, put it in a jar, posted it on sticky notes, thought about it and thought about it and thought about it, but… It didn’t come. Argh…

In fact, I ended up over 60,000.00 in debt; I guess I wasn’t clear enough about that money coming in on the plus side!

I was almost thirty years old, drowning in debt, I had no financial education and nobody was talking about overcoming money blocks; let alone generational money blocks and apparently, I had a lot of those! Let’s just say I had some layers. Hell, I was a fucking onion!

I was a new mother whose dreams were dwindling. I had to shut my Pilates studio down because of back and knee pain (dis-ease) due to limiting beliefs and I really started to resent the law of attraction. Actually, if I can be honest with you, I was so fucking mad I wanted to throw shit! Life wasn’t supposed to be going like this.

I’m not going to lie; actually it’s impossible for me to lie. I just can’t do it! It took time. I did a lot of internal and external work. I surrounded myself with wealthier, happier, more spiritually driven people. And when it started working, I started sharing it. I ask that you do the same. This is how we change the world.

I can feel and hear people’s money truth. The money blocks and the stories that you don’t tell. And as an intuitive empath I see what is keeping your wealth, health and happiness from you.

I want to help you get rid of your crappy money story at that stubborn subconscious DNA level. So you can start fresh without the programming from your parents and influences from the past. You see, you know how you’re a sponge when you’re little and you soak up everything? Well, you also soaked up your belief systems about money and what you deserve to have. I want to show you how to bust through those crappy belief systems and the fears that come along with them. So you can sculpt yourself and rewrite your life – starting now

I have spent over 15 years learning about money and manifestation on every level – the analytical side, the intelligence side, the law of attraction as well as investing, saving, understanding and managing money, hypnosis and subconscious reprogramming, valuing, worthiness. I even wore a turban for a year while I did my Kundalini training.

Through my many years of research and self-experimentation, I have learned so much about my own money blocks, where I settle, how to attract and receive money and how to manage it intelligently. Money is energy! You can’t resist it to receive it.

Feeling good is a choice. Together these two understandings created a huge shift in my wealth paradigm.

Now, I’m an international bestselling author, I have helped hundreds of people undue their money blocks and reprogram their wealth. I can now honestly say that – life is sweet. Never give up!

You know, what makes my form of mindset work and coaching really fun and different is that I combine everything that I’ve learned including hypnosis mindfulness, meditation, kundalini, muscle testing, EFT, self mind control, the law of attraction, online business creation, financial intelligence, with my innate gifts of empathy and intuition to clear your energy and help you reprogram for wealth so that you can fulfill your ultimate money prophecy – unblocked.

In fact, people tell me that it’s freaky how clearly and easily I sense their blocks. (In a good way of course)

More than anything, I want you to be happy and I want you to understand and share your gifts with the world. I’d love to see you become wealthy so that you have total freedom in your life. Truth be told, I want you to become a millionaire! I want that for everyone!

Some fun facts about me:

  • I love cheesecake, palm trees, white sandy beaches, and people that smile.
  • I was brought up on a street called BLACK HOLE ROAD.
  • I have one son who is an amazing manifestor, I learn from him everyday.
  • I like my coffee black – This is the only consistent thing about me.
  • I have healed myself more than 5 times from crippling body issues
  • I was in Labour for 72 hours – talk about mindset.

Here is what I want you to do now!

Start by downloading the Money Block Breakthrough Method (MBBM). This is the exact process I use with my clients. It will really change the way you think, feel and experience money in your life and business. Just click the unblock me button below to get the workbook free now.