Mind Money Magic

What would it mean to you if you could massively shift the way you attract money and abundance? 

Without doing more work. Actually by relaxing more.

Would you believe me,

You actually attract more to you when you're at a relaxed state and you can now experience that magic now!

Did I mention that I'm known as The Money Medium? Let's just say- I know things and I'm not afraid to share them!

This might be exactly what you've been asking for.

If you've been thinking, Jesus, there has to be an easier way. I just don't have any more time or energy and you're even losing faith in the law of attraction. I've got something awesome to share with you!

These are the exact master classes that I led in my MMM90 group! These women had some crazy results! I mean check this out!

What People are Saying...

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

Get ready for the ride of your life!

Jennifer offers insight, intuition, love, fun and true learning opportunities on so many levels your head will spin and your heart will leap with joy. My personal growth encompassed freeing money management, working through old thought patterns and blocks, learning mindful manifesting and creating sustainable JOY. I was able to discard old patterns and clear a path to become a money wizard and manifester of miracles. I have faith and trust that all of my dreams are a reality and am seizing the day!

I initially signed up for the $400 in 5days challenge which was a very successful exercise. I certainly surpassed the $$$ goal. Immediately on signing up an old client reentered my realm and I reversed the numbers to earn $5000 in 4 days with more to come! Shortly thereafter we left on a family trip to Europe which was an incredible gift full of wonders and joy. Upon our return due to airline waits etc. each of us recieved a rebate from the airline which exceeded our initial costs by 50%. How awesome is that!! That is what you call being a money wizard and learning how to manifest miracles.

Thank you Jennifer, I know ours will be a lifetime relationship as you help me sustain my knowledge in who I am and the power I hold. 

Brenda Bacon (Kelowna Canada)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

I started looking after my money and my money is starting to look after me

I just wanted to share a few things with you guys that happen this month since the challenge.

I have gotten my property rented,

$840 back from the warranty on my car ( that was write off in an accident),

$3,407.18 on my tax return ( never happen before... ever!!!).

My dental insurance is paying half the amount for me to change a cap on my front tooth.

Today I notice a recurrent charge on my Master Card (long story) I call the place that made the charge and they are reimbursing me the past two months then I called master card and they are giving me back the full amount from since January 2015, YES I miss this particular charged on my card for months, but I started looking after my money and my money is starting to look after me as well...Jennifer MacFarlane BOOM... I am soooooo excited to start MMM90 

Jean Roberts (Banff Canada)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

It's a real awakening

You have taught us, that true abundance, isn't about hard work, or luck.. The path, to true abundance, is actually, an "emotional path".. Its a real awakening..

XXXX (Banff Canada)

I don't know what your personal struggle is but I do know that we all want to feel good, Relax more, stop running around like a crazy person. Less God damn hustle!

So- I want to show you how to use your mind to literally attract money into physical form.

Let me tell you this-

You can be more abundant and you can attract more money and success by updating your present money patterns (thought and physical)

This course is jam packed (as a psychic intuitive when it comes to money and soul business- my guides get very excited!)

Here is a rundown of what each
Masterclass covers

12 Audio Courses that will will help you attract more money in your life
#1 Energy & Manifestation

Duration: 29m

This module is about getting honest with yourself about what you really want. This might sound like common sense but the truth is, most women skip this part all together. 

#3 Using Your Mind To Manifest

Duration: 35m

In this module you will visit the first four Magical Principles of Hermes, your spending habits and how you can make choices with your money that feel really good.

#5 Money - Creating A Non Elusive Relationship

Duration: 26m

It’s time to look at your relationship with money. Do you have one? What kind of wealthy do you want to be? Get your sexy on with your money baby. 

#7 Become A Master Asker

Duration: 40m

If you want to MASTER Manifesting Big things in your life, You MUST become a MASTER ASKER.  Ask for what you want from a place of worthiness and confidence. Truthfully, Asking for what you want is fucking key to getting what you want!

#9 Believe, Choose, Know & Merge

Duration: 28m

I think the title of this Masterclass says it all. You are the creator! You get to choose what you want believe. What you believe will become your new reality

#11 Absorbing Other People's Energy & Thoughts

Duration: 32m

Being an Empath is a big job and it effects how you feel and how you spend money. This module we look at the remaining Principles of Hermes and how to use your personal rhythm to align with the frequency of what you desire.

#2 Brain Frequency & Empathic Gifts

Duration: 32m

This Masterclass is about understanding how the brain works and the different types of brain frequencies especially the Alpha State - what they mean and how you can use them to attract all of your desires.

#4 The Power Of Self Observation

Duration: 17m

This module will bring you deep into your subconscious programming, your deep rooted belief systems and thought process that keep you struggling. We'll get it all cleared up so that these things no longer create your future.

#6 Habitual Money Thoughts

Duration: 52m 

 Your thoughts about money and your relationship with money are habits. Which means you can change it! We're looking at ways to break through any money glue that we have learned from our parents and peers that keep us in a cycle of scarcity.

#8 Scared Not Scared - Facing Fears

Duration: 36m

It's time to looking at the scared not scared feeling you get when you’re expanding & growing. Yes, you will come up against fear! But as you grow your manifesting power you will experience trust on a much bigger level and realize that your scared but not really scared. More - EXCITED!

#10 Infinity

Duration: 34m

 Are you giving as much as you say you want to receive?

We will be looking at how you can use your mind and your magnetic arc line to create the world you want. This Masterclass is about you being a powerful commander. 

#12 Emotional Breakthroughs 

Duration:  45m

This last module is about emotional breakthroughs. Stop being stuck in the cycle of living a life you don’t like and how to use contrast to build an abundant life that you love.  Do you know how to feel desire in your body? Here I'll show you how to "ACT AS IF" to literally change your soul's experience of life. You have a choice to feel good and feeling good attracts money to you! Gratitude Rant Included here.

About Me

Hey, I'm Jennifer MacFarlane I am an International Bestselling Author, Inspirational Speaker, Internationally know psychic mindset and business guide for people who want to create a purposeful, profitable online businesses using their natural gifts. I am also a triple empath which means, I feel you and usually I know what's going on with you before you do. Gift or curse.... Gift! 

I have always had a calling to understand the connection between the mind and our reality. I myself have experienced the transformation that understanding the power of one's owns thoughts can bring and I want to help others experience the same revelation. I believe we are here to learn how to overcome our own limits and live our Biggest, Wildest Dreams.

Dream Big - Smile More (The words I live by)

Is This Course Right for You?


  • People who have been dabbling with the law of attraction but it's not really cutting it
  • Women who want to be empowered around money
  • You believe in miracles
  • You want to receive money from unknown places
  • You would like to be an entrepreneur
  • You crave freedom
  • You have or have had debt and want watch it melt
  • You have big dreams
  • You like the idea of relaxing and attracting over hustling and working harder


  • People who only believe their money can come from one place- a pay check and it never changes
  • If you don't want to take inspired action to create money flow and financial upleveling
  • You don't have any dreams
  • You strive for nothing
  • Your husband takes care of all the money stuff and you're fine with that. You don't like money anyway
  • You really don't want more money.
  • You don't like relaxing
  • You don't believe in miracles or anything other than fact.
  • You never want to make more money.


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Access to the Mind Money Magic Facebook Group with a tribe full of supporting women where I will be sharing even more conten


Bubble Jump Visualization

It lowers the brain frequency so that you attract better and focus more. In this audio you will meet your future self, your successful future self. This will allow you to merge the energies from this dimension to that dimension. This is an automatic uplevel. Listen to it often and watch the miracles unfold. Hypno visualization- do not listen while driving!



Advance your Magnetic attracting using your most powerful manifesting channel- AKA- you're sexual portal! It is as easy as giving yourself a moneygasm! Hypno visualization- do not listen while driving!

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