Money Mapping – What it is and why you need it

Ok, let’s talk Money Mapping. Never heard of it? Well let me guide you. Money Mapping simply put is the process of dreaming your life, putting monetary scripts to that dream and then going within to see what and how you can actually make this money. Then of course taking action on what you have mapped out!

I am a dreamer but I have seen many dreams stagnate because of lacked action.

Easy right? You’ve probably heard this hundreds of times.

But something has shifted in our time space realm to really get this on a different level.

If you know me – you know I receive messages from the UNIVERSE, guides and intuitive places! This is all enhanced by my triple empathic ability to feel in my body. And this download lit me up!!!! I hope it lights you up too!

So let’s break it down, shall we?

#1 Get your money Mapping journal out- if you don’t have one, get one! But for now, a piece of paper will work!!!

#2 Get yourself into a nice relaxed alpha state, if you have frankincense essential oil use this – I put young living frank on the roof of my mouth.


  1. Write the date and Money Mapping at the top of the page.
  2. Start writing in point form the amount of money you want to receive and what it is for. Decide if this is weekly, daily, monthly, yearly…

Some things you might know what the desired amount is for the year – but if your doing a monthly plan, divide it by 12. So your list might look something Like this…

2000 – Home

1000 – Groceries

1000 – Eating Out

1000 – Pampering and self care

2000 -Special Savings

2000 -Business Costs

2000 – Bills and Car

2000 – LT Savings

2000 – Vacations/ travel

1000 – Christmas

3000 – tax

3000 – investments

1000 – RESP / savings for child

Plus 100,000 yearly into property. So another 8400.

Total =31,400.00

  1. Now Round up – 35,000.00- because we always spend more than we think!!! And why the hell not!!!



So if we look at the example above, you end up with 35,000.00/ monthly. Which is 420,000.00 yearly.

Round up again- because we always want more than we think we want! And there are always surprises.

And for god sakes- Dream a little!

What this example reveals is that this dream map is based at about a 500,000.00 lifestyle yearly income!

What is yours?

Now, we are only half way there. It’s all good to dream up the life, but if you want to live it you’ll have to be creative and generate that income? Which brings us to

#4. Write a list of things that you do/ could do to make money.

– online courses

– live events

– 1:1 sessions

– group programs

– selling products

– books

– artwork

Anything else that comes to you. WRITE IT DOWN!!!

Journal about any feelings that come up for you during this process. You will be astounded at how much fear and limiting self talk arises! Be nice, just acknowledge those thoughts and keep Journaling.

#5 Now it’s time to play with the numbers. How much do you want to charge for your course and how many will you sell?  How many 1-to-1 clients do you want to take on and at what price point. See what you feel comfortable with. What price points feel good, because there’s no point in selling a high price tag program if you don’t feel comfortable with that number. Your vibration won’t match that figure and you won’t sell it. So have fun with it and play around until it feels good. If you’re a geek get a spreadsheet to crunch the numbers.

Congratulations! You have finished the first step of admitting what your freedom and dream life number is.

Celebrate your honesty!!!!

Be sure to add any friends to  Mind Money Magic Group that my Unique Money Mapping and manifesting techniques so we can all have rich lives!!!!

The world will start to shift from this level of self and monetary honesty!!!!

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