Have you ever dreamed of something that seemed out of reach? Do you dismiss your dreams and desires as just that, dreams and desires that are far away and unattainable?

You see others building their dreams and think, that’ll never happen in my life; they are the lucky ones. If you are at a point in your life where you are fed up with this internal dialog and are ready to jump into a world of abundant possibility, you might want some help along the way. If you have ever felt a deep desire to do something; if you have ever had dream a that seemed to big; if you have ever felt stuck in your life; if you're sick of feeling like you have no control over your life; and if you're ready to turn your dreams into reality, then now is the time to start.

Your new life is waiting for you. Your dreams are waiting for you. Your deepest desires are waiting for you. All of the things that you've tried to forget about or let go of are waiting for you to jump into them. You are worthy of all that you can dream of. You are a creator whose thoughts are creating your reality all the time. Our minds are our connection to the flow of the Universe. Through our thoughts—through the things on which we focus our minds—we possess the capacity to manifest our dreams into reality. Think Create Jump is about learning your own personal programming and your unique subconscious thought processes in order to understand how they limit you. Each chapter leads you deeper into the levels of yourself. 

Who Is This Book For?

This book is for those who are ready to rise up! Rise up from their limited programing, Rise up from their own cycle of “I can’t.” If you are ready to harness your extraordinary personal power and let go of all that limits you, this book is for you! If you are ready to live your wildest dreams but feel stuck, it’s you I have written for. Think Create Jump Is the message you’ve been seeking. Your best YOU is calling you forth, now it’s up to you to... Jump!

Why I Have Written This Book

When I was younger I knew I would write books, but I wouldn’t say it was solely me who decided to write this book. I woke up one morning and knew it was time; the book was ready to be written. I was just lucky to be the one chosen to write it and share it with you. I sat down and my fingers didn’t stop for months. It (Universe) was flowing through me. It was a time in my life when I needed to hear these messages as much you probably do now. Imagine that you have called this book to you. Now... It’s your turn to discover your dreams.

Who Is Jennifer MacFarlane?

Jennifer MacFarlane (for lack of a better way to describe “WHO I AM”) Is a Bestselling Author/ Inspirational Speaker, Freedompreneur, Mindset and Abundance Mentor , Lifestyle Business Strategist and straight talkin’ truth bomber. Jen motivates people take on their lives like “A Boss”. She also plays the part of Mother, Wife, Intuitive Healer, Spiritual Guide and Visionary. Jennifer helps people from all over the world create a deeper connection with themselves and the life they want to live through her online business http://www.themoneymedium.com

Jennifer has always had a calling to understand the connection between the mind and our reality. She has herself experienced the transformation that understanding the power of one's owns thoughts can bring and wishes to help others experience the same revelation. Jen Believes we are here to learn how to overcome our own limits and live our Biggest, Wildest Dreams.

Dream Big - Smile More (The words Jen lives by)

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