What Is My Purpose On This Planet

When you were born, No wait…

Before you were born, you were a magical spirit lit up by passion and purpose.

You were immensely connected to the divine intelligence of the Universe.

You craved nothing more than to take human form and spread the word of your message.

If you really listen, you will feel the above words as a familiar inward snuggle. You will feel this way because this is something your already know.

You know you have come here on purpose.

Your birth has much less to do with your parents desire to have children and much more to do with you wanting to come here at this precise time to deliver your message.

Although religion would have you believe that God had a specific purpose for you. Uhem, if you were lucky enough to be chosen by him…

Your Purpose is so much more than somebody else’s (yup even God’s) command for you to deliver it’s message.

Your purpose for being on this planet, – Although connected to Source, is yours. It is a full expression of you and it is calling you to bring its piece of the puzzle to the ultimate unfolding known as human survival. Or should I say human Thrival.

But hey, if you choose to believe that a God or the Universe is in charge of your purpose, that’s fine too! Find a way to connect to this alive energy that works for you!

If you look back on your life, you will see that there have been things that you felt strongly about and stood for powerfully, confidently even. You have felt nudged. You have books, magazines. In some cases you have even needed to go through unpleasant experiences in life in order to understand your purpose at a deeper level. This is the creative process of making your mess your message.

Many people are waking up to their purpose in a big way. It can feel scary and uncomfortable when you haven’t accepted or come to understand your purpose fully.

I like to call these people that are stepping into their purpose on this planet Earth Angels. Once their purpose has been realized, Earth Angels become the lighthouses of transformation that leads the people of this planet and all of it inhabitants in the direction of love, kindness, joy, equality, empathy, respect, warmth, connectedness, oneness and ultimately HAPPINESS.

Most people who are stepping into a new reality of realizing their purpose would say that their purpose is calling them, and not that they have gone looking for it. Your purpose on this planet is not something that once awoken can evaporate or dissolve. It will literally keep you awake every single night. Until you begin!

There is no mistake that your message, your purpose is waking up now. Before you were born you knew exactly when to deliver this message. Before you were even conceived you had chosen how you would bring this message to the world, this planet and why. There is only one answer that can describe the reasoning behind the timeline and the purpose that you are bringing forth now. That word is…


Your purpose is the data or information needed at this time to complete and continue its journey of growth.

At this point in our human evolution many people like you are being called forward by their purpose in a no-nonsense kind of way. It can feel rather startling in the beginning, especially as the vehicle of your purpose. As things speed up and move faster you’re being asked to create abrupt change.

Some of the things that people are showing up for at this point in our evolutionary timeline are listed below.

  1. Healers
  2. Intuitives
  3. Psychics
  4. People of high values for seniors and children
  5. Entrepreneurs (needed in all areas)
  6. People who understand energy
  7. Communicators
  8. Translators
  9. Technology specialist and virtual assistance
  10. Artists, musicians, creators
  11. People who comfort the elderly and dying
  12. Honest passionate philanthropists
  13. Mindset masters
  14. Rock crystal and mineral specialists
  15. Essential oil enthusiasts
  16. Animal Rights activists
  17. Food activists
  18. Chefs that understand the power of putting love into their food.
  19. Law of attraction speakers
  20. Energy innovation engineers
  21. People standing for our natural elements
  22. Support people
  23. People who have zero tolerance for abuse
  24. Money education–Financial truth and understanding
  25. Innovators in the form of therapies
  26. Shape shifters – Nomads that follow joy and happiness
  27. Happiness coaches and new forms of spirituality
  28. Debaters-especially on the subjects of medicine, diagnosing youth, seniors, children, mental illness, corporations, Government systems, vaccines, war and peace, prostitution, minimum wages. Basically these people are called strongly to dispute anything that feels dishonest.

If you are one of the purposeful people that are standing up and stepping through their fears to become the lighthouses of this new age.  We thank you, we value you, and we cheer you on. We hope that you understand the power that your message has at this time. The world is changing rapidly and we are in the midst of extraordinary transformation. Your message and your purpose have arrived precisely on Time.

You are invited to join my group of purpose driven manifestors on Facebook here.

So now that you know your purpose, what are you going to do with it?

My recommendation is that you dare to do something worthy.

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Enjoy the journey,

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